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7 (very cool) things to do in Rome this summer

«So, you’re visiting Rome during the summer, huh? Brace yourself; it’s hot as hell. Make sure to bring a hat, lots of sunscreen, a reusable water bottle (there is drinking fountains everywhere in the city) and, my personal essential, a micellar water mist. Wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothes, and be as naked as you can. #freethenipple»

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Visiter Rome (quand t’as pas une cenne)

«Pis ce qui rend la vie magique, ici, c’est de se perdre, de se promener, de découvrir les dédales de nouveaux quartiers pis de choisir un resto juste parce que vous le trouvez charmant, ou parce qu’après des kilomètres de marche sur les pavés tout-croches, vous avez envie d’une bonne bière ou d’un apérol spritz. C’est ça, la dolce vita.»

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Pigneto, mon amour

«Its bright graffiti covered walls have a particular charm. They can be intimidating, at first, and you catch yourself wondering if you ended up in a bad part of town. But, in Pigneto, the contemporary street art pieces decorate classic century-old building’s facades in a unique way. And walking around this modern always changing open-air museum is an endless adventure.»

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